My mother’s memory decline was slow and she hid the signs carefully.  It was only after she contracted pneumonia and had to stay with me to recover that the reduction in her mental capacity became really apparent.
Since I was an only child with no local extended family, the brunt of caring for my mother fell on me at the same time that a VP position in a Silicon Valley firm demanded long work hours and extended travel.  
As the demands on my time and my mother’s disorientation grew, I was without resources to care for her or to help her understand the changes in her life.
Fortunately, a friend suggested connecting with Dr. Shapira.  He came to our house for a friendly meeting with my mother who was suspicious of strangers and unwilling to reveal her declining mental capacity.  In short order, he was able to gain my mother’s trust and do a full assessment of her situation. 
Dr. Shapira was also quite open and helpful about explaining the situation to me as well as offering meaningful coping advice.
As we went forward, Dr. Shapira continued meeting my mother at our house to avoid seeming “clinical” or threatening.
When it reached that point that my mother needed more advanced care than I could offer, he was helpful in finding a memory care facility and calming my mother enough to make an exceptionally smooth move.
Because of my busy work schedule, Dr. Shapira was able to take over the role of “case worker” and became the primary interface with my mother’s medical staff.  He visited her regularly to continue counseling and to keep “eyes on” so she got the exact care required.  He also scheduled and took her to any off site medical specialist appointments.
There is no way my mother would have gotten the quality of care or been as ready to accept the changes in her life had Dr. Shapira not been an ongoing member of her care team for the past five years.
His level of competence, caring and attention to detail contributed immeasurably to my mother’s well being and my peace of mind.
There is not enough praise available to communicate how grateful I am for his contributions.
Leslie Fiering
Pescadero, CA

August 16, 2017


“As we say farewell to our children, many of us find we are now responsible for the well being of our elders. Unlike guiding our children, this is something new. We have little experience to help and inform us in deciding what is best for our elders. I was referred to Eric Shapira when I was searching for answers, and I found him to be extremely helpful in a variety of ways. He was willing to do home visits – a very thoughtful accommodation, typical of his approach. He also has a very calming demeanor. And he has a broad knowledge of senior's problems; with lots of helpful information, and a variety of ideas on possible ways to solve the spectrum of problems facing seniors and their caregivers and caretakers.”

Phil Chapnick and Linda Bea Miller

“Eric is the ideal person for companionship, friendship and helpfulness. You've been great!!! You are the only person who comes to see me other than the
'medics.' I am surprised you still come to visit me…since I am dying now. They tell me that I have from 6 months to 2 years to live, but I feel like I am falling apart now. You've helped me morally and you've been upbeat! I don't know many people who are upbeat. I am delighted and grateful to have you as a friend and counselor.”
Eugene Urbain, Sr.
Counseling Client for over 2 years, now deceased

“Somehow I missed the life chapter on aging parents. I found myself completely consumed with trying to work, take care of my immediate family, and be sure that my mom, who has Alzheimer's, was safe and getting all that she needed. It was at that point that Eric Shapira stepped in to help. I can't even begin to say how much his expertise and guidance has comforted me. He jumped right in to assess the situation and then proceeded to provide me with care options for my mom. He has such a kind and comforting way of providing support. I don't know how I'd be handling this difficult time in my life without him.”

Elizabeth Schuck
Administrator, Second Language Learners
Cabrillo Unified School District
Half Moon Bay, California

“My name is Dr Irwin Cohen. I am a Podiatrist who has been in practice for thirty-one years. I have known Dr Eric Shapira personally and professionally for about the same amount of time. These are the things that I know about him:

  • He is dedicated to his friends, family and patients
  • He goes the extra mile and if heeds to, he will go an extra 10 thousand miles to get a job done
  • He is intelligent and studious; whatever project he takes on is completed and exemplary
  • He has a proven track record: He has risen to the top of his field whether it be in community service as District Governor of Rotary International, where he undertook global efforts in the 2004 Tsunami disaster or the medical/dental arena where he has worked, published and lectured extensively and has been on clinical boards
  • He is caring and sensitive to the needs of people as demonstrated in his previous dental practice of 30 years, his art (he is an incredible sculptor) and now concentrating in the field of senior care. He has worked for over 30 years with people of older age who have suffered with loneliness, disease, and medical and dental compromise

If the above information sounds biased, it is only because I know Dr. Shapira for who he is… I highly recommend him for your transitional aging needs.”

Dr. Irwin Cohen, D.P.M.
Half Moon Bay and Palo Alto, California

“I have known Dr Shapira, not only as a fellow professional, but as a good friend. He has a couple of titles behind his name from Dentistry to Gerontology and has a 'special' interest in seniors in his life and practice, as exemplified by his previous dental practice; trying to improve and slow the onset of Aging of people's looks through their smiles.

Recently, we have been working together. I have seen his case presentations and his reports about his clients, whom he has referred to me; which are well written and documented in a clear, concise manner, with perfect diagnoses.

His 'recommendations' to his clients are excellent! I know we will be working together more often in the future, as Geriatric health care is a passion for both of us.

It is my honor and pleasure to give this recommendation about Dr Shapira not only because I have known him for more than 30 years, but because I have trusted him as my personal dentist, and as my greatest mentor. He has introduced me to the most wonderful opportunity to serve Mankind in my becoming a Rotarian with him.

He opened the door for me to be 'one good human being.'

I highly recommend him and his services if you ever need a Gerontologist.”

Dr. Josefina R. Enriquez, MD.
Half Moon Bay, CA

Aging Specialist
Clinical Gerontologist


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